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A Guide to Last-Minute Exam Prep

As your child enters the home stretch with less than a month remaining before the year-end examinations, the pressure is palpable. The relentless hours of studying, often pushing past the ten-hour mark, can be gruelling. We empathise with the challenge this presents and have meticulously crafted a definitive guide to navigate the intricate labyrinth of last-minute revision. In this article, we unveil the essential “dos” and “don’ts” to ensure your child’s revision is not only effective but also sustainable. Read on – the answers lie ahead!


last-minute revision dos and don'ts

Don’t Sleep In

Encourage your child to seize the day by rising early; these precious hours are their secret weapon in conquering the looming exams. Research by scientists has pinpointed the optimal study hours – from 10am to 2pm and again from 4pm to 10pm. However, bear in mind that even champions need short intermissions. Inserting a 10-minute power nap into their regimen can recharge their mental batteries, granting them the stamina to power through their revision with renewed focus and zeal.


Do Up a Revision Plan

In the throes of a time crunch, crafting a well-structured revision plan becomes the cornerstone of productivity. Dedicate a focused window of fifteen to thirty minutes for this vital prelude. With purposeful intent, delineate the topics that demand your child’s attention and allocate precise time slots for each segment. This seemingly non-academic endeavour might appear counter-intuitive, but rest assured, it is a pivotal element in the art of efficient revision.


Don’t Panic

A prevalent pitfall that students often tumble into is the all-too-familiar panic that surges when confronting unfamiliar topics or questions. Instead of squandering valuable time dwelling on the unknown, redirect that energy toward grasping the core concepts and fundamentals behind the enigmatic subject matter. Help your child nurture a positive attitude, as it can be their most potent ally in the battle against exam stress.


Do Past Year Exam Papers for Revision

Navigating the treacherous waters of impending exams is akin to seeking hidden treasure, and past-year exam papers are your child’s invaluable map. As they tackle these papers, it is not just about answering questions; it is about uncovering patterns and taking note of the most commonly-tested topics. Beyond question-spotting, past-year papers serve as the litmus test of your child’s standards and knowledge, offering a mirror into their academic voyage. This invaluable insight aids in charting a course towards a more comprehensive understanding and strategic preparation.


Don’t Use Social Media During Revision

In a world where social media are an omnipresent lure for the younger generation, maintaining focus during revision can be an uphill battle. However, there is a clever solution at your child’s fingertips. Encourage them to harness technology to their advantage by downloading the “Floral” application. With Flora, they embark on a unique journey – planting virtual trees while they study. Here is the magic: as long as they are nurturing these digital saplings, they are unable to access other applications on their phone, helping them to stay focused on the path of productive revision.


Do Eat More Healthy Brain Foods

While it might seem like a conventional piece of advice, the importance of a healthy diet in fueling your child’s brain cannot be overstated. No, we are not suggesting pig’s brain or pig’s heart. The secret to a brain-boosting diet lies in simplicity. Foods like bananas and heart porridge can work wonders. These unassuming yet potent options provide the energy your child’s brains caves, helping them stay sharp and focused. So, don’t underestimate the transformative power of a well-balanced meal – it’s a simple recipe for success.


From early rising and structured planning to the invaluable insights from past-year papers, we have set the stage for effective revision. Remember, it’s not just about what your child knows; it’s also about their attitude and approach. Embrace the power of technology as a tool for focus, while nourishing the mind with wholesome, energy-boosting foods. With determination and the right strategies, your child can navigate this challenging journey and emerge victorious.