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Exploring Changes in Education: A Glimpse Into 2024 and What It Means for Your child

In the upcoming year, significant shifts are set to reshape the education landscape. The familiar Express, Normal Academic, and Normal Technical streams will make way for subject combination levels like G1, G2 and G3, providing students with the opportunity to choose their preferred subjects. Though students in the Integrated Programme will not be affected, it is imperative to understand the responsibilities that entail.

The Integrated Programme is designed to foster critical thinking, independent learning, and a holistic understanding of various subjects. It goes beyond traditional approaches, encouraging students to explore connections between disciplines, enhancing their analytical and problem-solving skills. They will learn to excel academically and develop a well-rounded skill set that prepares them for future challenges.


Demystifying the Science Integrated Modular Programme for Tailored Learning Journeys

Introducing the Integrated Modular Programme, a flexible and accessible tuition option designed for Year 1 Integrated Programme students. Offering a range of modules, this programme empowers students with the freedom to choose subject combinations aligned with their school’s syllabus structure.

Through this innovative curriculum, we aim to enhance your child’s academic journey, preparing them not only for examinations but also for a future that demands adaptability and a broad skill set.


A Deep Dive into the Mechanics of the Science Integrated Modular Programme

Starting in early January and concluding in late February, this term brings eight engaging lessons. Explore topics like Scientific Endeavour, delve into the intricacies of Physical Properties & Measurements, and unravel the mysteries of Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures. Please refer to the table below, as we guide your child through an enriching learning experience.

Integrated Programme schedule


The Enriching Advantages of Our Programme for Your Child’s Educational Journey

Our modules are strategically crafted to be intensive and content-rich, ensuring IP students gain a competitive advantage over their peers. Despite the intensity, our meticulously designed programme demands less commitment, with lessons concluding well before the exam period, minimising disruptions during revision weeks. Offering both physical and online options, we empower your child to choose the learning platform that suits them best.

These considerations allow our dedicated teachers to deliver personalised lessons, ensuring a truly enriching experience for your child.


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Exclusive Year-End Deals Tailored Just for You!

Enroll for Term 1 and Enjoy a Bonus of FOUR FREE LESSONS in Term 2! It is as straightforward as it sounds – by joining our Integrated Modular Programme this Term 1, you can automatically receive four complimentary lessons in Term 2, translating to a generous 50% DISCOUNT! This unbeatable deal is too good to pass up. Feel free to reach out to our team at 9616 0312 for any inquiries; terms and conditions apply, so secure this opportunity now!


As we approach the commencement of our first Science Integrated Programme class in just three weeks, we invite you to seize this opportunity and enroll your child in a transformative educational experience. Our commitment to providing quality education is unwavering, and with our ongoing promotion, you not only secure a head start for your child but also make a smart investment in their future. Do not miss out on the chance to shape their educational journey with us. For inquiries or enrolment, contact us today! Together, let us embark on a path of learning, growth, and success for your child.