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Secondary math tuition classes
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your Math Learning

1 IN 2
of Our Past Students Scored A1s In Their Exams!
10 IN 10
find our classes fun & enjoyable!
Improved with our
research-backed curriculum

Let Us Supercharge Your Science Techniques!

Master the art of answer construction with our I.C.E answering technique
Be empowered to take control of your own learning through effective & proven learning strategies
Learn to think from a teacher's point of view to identify crucial concept and pitfalls

Let Us Supercharge
Your Science Techniques!

Gain exposure to challenging exam questions and how to spot and avoid common errors
Gain new process skills and knowledge while revising for your exams
Never be afraid of experimental data-centric questions that often stump students

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Learn in our supportive and collaborative learning environment among your peers.

Say goodbye to waking up early or travelling to & fro classes. Enjoy the convenience and comfort!

Looking to revise your knowledge or get ahead in a short amount of time? If so, then our Short Courses are perfect for you!

With our carefully planned in-house curriculum, step-by-step structured learning process and constant support, our qualified & experienced tutors would be your best guide as you work towards scoring As for the GCE O Level.

Curriculum Overview

Research-Backed Curriculum Written
Worksheets & Learning Notes
Designed to extend your critical
Tested and proven exam answering techniques to help you ace in exams
All lessons are taught by our trained teachers who possess wealth of experience
Free Revision

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