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With less than a week until the release of the PSLE results, you’re likely eagerly contemplating your child’s performance. While it’s crucial to reflect on that, it’s equally important to begin exploring the various secondary streaming pathways for your child.

In making the secondary streaming decision, it is essential to meticulously weigh the different pathways available. This process entails finding a curriculum that caters specifically to your child’s needs and abilities. Within this article, our goal is to shed light on your child’s secondary streaming journey, providing valuable insights to comprehensively address your pressing concerns.

Will your child thrive in the traditional ‘O’ levels, soar in the accelerated Integrated Programme (IP), or embrace the globally recognised International Baccalaureate (IB)?


Secondary streaming route 1Secondary Streaming Route 1: ‘O’ Levels

How would you rate your child’s performance in school? Are they consistently achieving stellar grades? In the diverse educational landscape of Singapore, secondary schools offer various pathways for post-PSLE streaming. The first option is to opt for the four-year ‘O’ level programme, completing it before venturing into Junior Colleges for ‘A’ levels, Polytechnic for Diplomas or even exploring the IB pathway.


route 2

Route 2: Integrated Programme (IP)

The Integrated Programme (IP) is an accelerated curriculum pathway designed to empower the top 10% of each graduating cohort. Furthermore, it offers an extraordinary opportunity for students to bypass their ‘O’ levels and embark directly on their ‘A’ level expedition. During this journey, your child will have the chance to delve deeper into their chosen subjects, immerse themselves in a more rigorous academic environment, and ignite their intellectual curiosity. Consequently, the IP journey enables students to build a robust foundation of knowledge and skills, preparing them for future academic pursuits and personal growth.


secondary streaming route 3

Secondary Streaming Route 3: International Baccalaureate (IB)

Similar to the Integrated Programme (P), the IB presents a comprehensive curriculum pathway that unlocks extraordinary possibilities. It enables your child to bypass their ‘O’ levels and achieve an esteemed IB Diploma after six years of education. Now, here is something to keep in mind. The IB programme is predominantly available in international schools, bringing a global perspective to your child’s educational experience.

It is an opportunity for them to develop into well-rounded individuals with a keen understanding of the world. From languages to humanities, sciences, and the arts, the IB curriculum offers a diverse array of subjects. It places great emphasis on cultivating critical thinking, personal reflection, and community involvement. It is a holistic approach to education that prepares your child for a dynamic future.


Are you ready to tailor your child’s secondary education journey to their aspirations and academic strengths? Let us embark on a quest to find the perfect streaming pathway, where their potential can flourish and their dreams can become a reality. Together, we can shape a remarkable future for your extraordinary child.


How can you pave the way for a remarkable journey that propels your child towards their desired secondary streaming journey?

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